About Me

Life Coaching is my life's work. As the daughter of a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist, and having studied and received my degree in Psychology, I have long been exposed to the idea that we can heal our wounds and have a pretty good life. What I have come to understand, through my process of becoming a Life Coach and awakening to my own journey, is that most of us are capable of reaching and attaining greater fulfillment and joy than the world of traditional Psychology thought possible.

My inner purpose in life is to awaken to greater peace, freedom and power within myself. My outer purpose is to express these qualities in a way that reflects who I am and has a positive impact on the world. Being a Life Coach is a dream come true for me. It is an honor and joy to serve as a coach for people who are also seeking greater peace, freedom and power in their lives.

I'll be honest; I haven't always been this happy and joyful. Although I am fairly good-natured to begin with, I spent a good part of my first 35 years with inner turmoil, stress and anxiety. Like most of us, I had that persistent voice in my head that never seemed to take a break from judging, criticizing, blaming and shaming... myself and others. This voice basically said, in a thousand different ways, "I'm not good enough". I call this the Fundamental Lie. That voice will usually also say something like "If only I were taller, thinner, richer, cuter, smarter, faster, better, had a bigger house, a better husband, easier kids, a baby, a new car, the right job... then I'd be happy". Almost all of us have our own version of this voice. We can spend so much of our life trying to get these "things" believing that they will give us what we want. We end up exhausted, frustrated and disappointed. Although I know my journey of awakening began long before I became aware of it, this "becoming aware" marked the beginning of an important phase of my life. With my first glimmer of what it felt like to live with inner peace, I was committed to the process of awakening. I sensed the possibility of real freedom in a whole new way. What if I could stop listening to that negative inner voice and started hearing a new voice; the voice that always tells me the truth, always with love, always forgiving, always motivating and inspiring me to reach for more and to be my best self? What I have discovered along this path is that it is far less important to reach a specific goal then it is to savor the journey. The real joy is in the reaching, stretching, risking, playing, working, feeling, practicing and leaping fully into my present day life while keeping a clear vision of my greatest future.

I live in beautiful Marin County, California with my husband, two sons (now 24 and 20 years old), and two dogs. I cherish them all.

I believe that Peace is possible, and it starts with you and me.